It’s always about the people

It’s always about the people
This lovely baby raccoon gives you a warm welcome to this post. Enjoy.

First things first: this post was entirely written in English to force myself to do something new. Some years ago, I was comfortable writing texts in English but I feel quite rusty as time goes by.

Let's be honest here, I want to be happy and rich. Unfortunately, the Internet always sends me the message that I can't do it if:

  • I don't buy bitcoins or
  • I can't understand/talk/write English.

The price of Bitcoins is very high for me so I think I'll keep the cheapest option.

Of course, it is a very short post (well-played, Armando) so I don't think I will have a lot of problems trying to look professional as I am writing this sh*t.

I just wanted to save this topic I recently saw on Twitter for my future self

On that thread, I saw a reply from Edorta that made me discover a Hawaiian tradition called Hoʻoponopono:

What a beautiful way of dealing with today's world, right?

Although it isn't really related, when I read that Wikipedia article about Hoʻoponopono I remembered Doc Rivers' Ubuntu Culture:

I didn't know who Doc Rivers was until I saw The Playbook on Netflix. Worth watching.

I prefer not to start writing about Ubuntu or the specific episode on mr. Rivers because I don't have enough vocabulary to feel comfortable. I wanted to point out that those types of ideas make me think that we should pause for a second and stop thinking about new agile methodologies or what's the best way to read those +300 articles that you save for later which promise you to be a better manager (fun fact: you will NEVER EVER read all those articles).

It's always about the people. As simple as that.

If you want to start learning about Ubuntu (not related to geeks in any way), I'd like to recommend you to stop looking for suggestions on Amazon and start talking with people who are curious about that topic.

Because… it's always about the people.

  1. I also want to be rich and happy. But above all happy. First of all because being poor and unhappy is a bitch. But being happy, and having mental and work stability, money comes by itself, at least in the right amount, maybe not to be rich, but to live with a bit of dignity. Now I look at myself at 45 and I realise that I value my mental stability and my moderate happiness much more than money. The dirty money. Love, friend.

  2. Over time I’ve come to realize that understanding people not only makes our lives easier, which seems the obvious part, but it also feels quite fulfilling to me. I’ve come around some conflicts that deemed impossible for me to overcome when I discovered, with a little bit of guidance, that there’s always another way if we are open to it. I’m not talking about any kind of Flying Spaghetti Monster cult or anything. It’s not easy to put ourselves aside for a moment, even in the most complicated ones, but only when we do it, we’ll start listening and not just hearing, watching and not just seeing. Now that I’m doing that more actively, many of my worries just banish and I can see more clearly what my next goal is. I used to think that I was better off alone, but now I’m eager to know my friends and family more so we can make our lives a bit easier.

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